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MNAs-elect demand Hyderabad mayor’s resignation

By Aftab Ahmed
February 11, 2024

hyderabad: The newly elected National Assembly members of the Muttahida Qaumi Movement-Pakistan (MQM-P) from Hyderabad, Syed Waseem Hussain and Abdul Aleem Khanzada, have said that a majority of the citizens of Hyderabad have reposed their trust in the MQM-P and proved that despite all the challenges, the MQM-P was a major political player of Hyderabad.

Supporters of the Pakistani political Muttahida Qaumi Movement (MQM-Pakistan) attend a campaign meeting in Karachi. — AFP/File
Supporters of the Pakistani political Muttahida Qaumi Movement (MQM-Pakistan) attend a campaign meeting in Karachi. — AFP/File

They said that the town chairmen and mayor on Hyderabad who were elected as a result of pre-poll rigging through faulty delimitations a year ago were not the real representatives of this city, and they were not aware of the problems of Hyderabad.

The MQM-P MNAs-elect said the local government representatives of Hyderabad should accept the election mandate of the MQM-P and resign from their seats on moral grounds.

It may be noted that the MQM-P had boycotted the last local government elections in the province.

Hussain and Khanzada said the Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) was trying to disrupt the law and order of Hyderabad through lies and fake propaganda. After initial results, the PTI created a strong perception of its victory on social media and when the final results came, the people were given the impression that rigging had taken place.

They claimed that workers of the MQM-P were attacked and security forces and police controlled the situation, otherwise there would have been a lot of damage.

The MQM-P leaders claimed that an attempt was made to disturb the law and order of Hyderabad by spreading the news of death of an injured worker of the PTI on social media.

They also accused workers of the Pakistan Peoples Party of attacking houses of MQM-P supporters and workers in Pretabad and Aliabad. They said the MQM-P had always remained peaceful and pursued politics by following the path of law. The police were not acting to protect MQM-P supporters, they lamented.

The MQM-P leaders said Hyderabad had given its mandate to the MQM-P in the past and all other parties and political workers should respect this mandate and strengthen the MQM-P for the welfare of the city.

The MNAs-elect thanked the citizens of Hyderabad and said that the party would continue to serve them.

Workers and supporters of the MQM-P also celebrated their victory in the late hours of Friday by setting off fireworks.