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PTF issues list of candidates for elections

By Our Correspondent
February 08, 2024

KARACHI: Pakistan Tennis Federation (PTF) announced on Wednesday the final list of the candidates contesting for the posts of president, secretary, and treasurer for the term 2024-28.

This image shows a person taking a shot. — Unsplash/File
This image shows a person taking a shot. — Unsplash/File 

PTF invited nominations from all 15 affiliated units for the federation’s elections that are due on February 10.

After scrutiny of the nominations received, the PTF announced the final list of candidates. For the post of the president there are Asghar Nawaz and Aisam-ul-Haq Qureshi.

For the post of secretary, there are Suleman Junaid, Zia ud Din Tufail, and M Taufiq Ghauri while for the post of treasurer there are Umar Faruq, Arif Qureshi, and Junaid Hassan.

PTF has nominated Shakil Durrani, former chief secretary and Chairman Wapda/Railway, as the Chief Election Commissioner.

It is to be noted that the panels of Asghar Nawaz and Aisam-ul-Haq Qureshi received six and five nominations, respectively, for the elections.

The six PTF units that have nominated Asghar as President, Zia ud Din as Secretary, and Arif Qureshi as Treasurer are Islamabad Tennis Association, Punjab Lawn

Tennis Association, Sindh Tennis Association, Pakistan Railways Sports Board, Wapda Sports Board, and SNGPL.

The units that nominated Aisam as President, Suleman Junaid as Secretary, and Umer Farooq as Treasurer are Army, Navy, KPK Tennis Association, International Lawn Tennis Club of Pakistan, and Pakistan Air Force.

It is to be noted that Navy nominated Aisam as President but Taufiq Ghauri and Juanid Hassan for secretary and treasurer, respectively, while PAF nominated only Aisam for president.