Thursday May 23, 2024

Painting, poster competition ‘empower women - empower Pakistan’ organised

By Afshan S. Khan
January 31, 2024

Islamabad : The International Governance and Sustainability Institute (IG-SI) in collaboration with Federal Directorate of Education organised a Painting and Computer Poster Competition at Islamabad College for Girls, F-6/2.

The International Governance and Sustainability Institute (IG-SI) can be seen in this image. — APP/File
The International Governance and Sustainability Institute (IG-SI) can be seen in this image. — APP/File

The event, titled ‘Empower Women - Empower Pakistan,’ aimed to promote the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) of the United Nations, with a special focus on gender equality and women's empowerment. The event witnessed the active participation of 34 students from 17 colleges across Islamabad.

The competition not only celebrates the rich history of painting but also recognises the modern trend of computer-based poster making, showcasing the diverse ways in which art can be expressed. Painting, being an ancient form of artistic expression, has evolved over millennia. From the early paintings by Neanderthals to the sophisticated works of contemporary artists, the power of colours to evoke emotions remains a constant. In the current digital age, young artists harness the capabilities of computers to create visually stunning and impactful posters, blending traditional art with modern techniques.

Dr. Sultan Azam Temuri, Founding Director and CEO of IG-SI, addressed the gathering, emphasising the underutilisation of nearly half of the population in Pakistan. Quoting the World Economic Forum's Gender Gap Report 2023, he expressed concern about Pakistan ranking 142 out of 146 countries in gender equality. Dr. Temuri outlined both local and international efforts, especially within the police force, to empower women and bridge the gender gap.

Highlighting the United Nations' 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development, Dr. Temuri stressed the importance of SDG-5, which focuses on gender equality and women's empowerment. He advocated for comprehensive strategies, including education, economic participation, and technological empowerment, to create an inclusive and supportive environment.

Helena Iqbal Saeed, a law enforcement and gender expert at IG-SI, echoed the importance of education and economic participation. She urged women to break free from gender stereotypes, pursue their interests, and excel in their careers despite challenges. Esin Gulsen, Director of Operations at IG-SI, delivered a video message, extending greetings to participants from Turkiye. She emphasised the crucial role of women empowerment in Pakistan and motivated young students to empower their beliefs and contribute to the progress of the nation.

Professor Saba Faisal, Principal of Islamabad College for Girls, expressed gratitude to IG-SI for organising the programme.

Judges for painting and poster competitions were Zareen Gul Najia Farhat Sadaf Shaheen and Abdul Wahab .and they announced Results in painting were 1st Eman Asif of IMCG F-7/4, 2nd Abeeha Adnan of ICG, F-6/2 while 3rd Hina Javed of IMCG, I-14/3 and 4th position awarded to Esha Rehman of IMCG, F-10/2. In Computer Poster Competition, Afzeen Fatima of IMCG, I-10/4 bagged 1st position while Fatima Habib of IMCG, G-10/4 stood 2nd and Maimoona Daud of ICG, F-6/2 surrendered to Kanwal Batool of IMCG, F-7/2 in third position.