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Dil Awaiz, Samson steal the show at LRC

By Asher Butt
January 08, 2024

LAHORE: The Lahore Race Club witnessed a day filled with unexpected outcomes as underdogs Dil Awaiz and Samson claimed victories in the Makhdumzada Syed Hassan Mahmud Memorial New Year Cup and the January Cup, respectively.

This still shows competitors during a race on January 7, 2024. — YouTube/Lahore Race Club
This still shows competitors during a race on January 7, 2024. — YouTube/Lahore Race Club

In a surprising turn of events, Dil Awaiz emerged triumphant in the New Year Cup, a Term Race for 3-year-olds, leaving the favourites trailing behind. Verde One secured the second position, while Golden Market surprisingly settled for third.

The January Cup followed a similar pattern of upsets, with Samson defying the odds to outshine Leisure Trip, the favourite, who finished as the runner-up. Macs King secured an unexpected third position.

The opening race witnessed Handsome, an underdog, crossing the finish line in first place, while Mister Macs, the anticipated second, lived up to expectations. Galileo Lady surprised the onlookers by clinching the third spot.

Shobika, the favourite in the second race, justified its standing by securing a trouble-free victory. Top Secret provided some competition but settled for second place, while Tully Princess ended third.

Husn-e-Baharan, considered a contender for the runner-up position, surprised everyone by claiming victory in the third race. Zaman Sahib secured an unexpected second place, while the favourite Code Crackers slipped to third position.

In the fourth race, Alpha surpassed MarryShah Star to claim victory, leaving Electra in the third position—a surprising turn of events.

Veste One secured victory in the fifth race with a last-minute surge, with Golden Joy and Echelon settling for second and third positions, respectively. In a stunning upset, Hizar seized the top spot in the eighth race, breaking Sergeant’s winning streak.