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Soup demand on the rise with chilly nights

By Afshan S. Khan
December 16, 2023

Islamabad: Chicken corn soup is a winter delicacy whose demand increases as soon as the mercury takes a dip in twin cities. People are attracted to this tempting dish not just for its delicious taste but also for the warmth it brings during the colder months. Several chicken corn soup vendors are seen in the market catering to people who love to indulge in this winter delicacy.

Chicken corn soup, hot and sour and chicken yakhni are the most favoured among all. Huge rush of customers can be witnessed on these stalls as people love to have soup in the evenings with their families.

This representational image shows a steam coming out of a bowl. — Unsplash/File
This representational image shows a steam coming out of a bowl. — Unsplash/File

The bakeries of twin cities also keep an extra stall to make soup and offer soups in disposal cups or ceramic bowls. Many people buy a temporary place in main points in the market where they sell a variety of soups in winter.

Chicken soup and chicken corn soups have different stalls and both are offered with or without boiled egg and with different sauces according to the taste and preference of people. There is no fixed price for the soup as the medium cup ranges from Rs150 to Rs250 depending on the size of cup or bowl. While taking to The News, Samir Khan, a stall owner said that he is contented with his daily sale. He makes a big container of soup daily and starts selling it the evening and it is all consumed till midnight. Mohammad Zafar who is a soup vendor in the Saddar said that with the start of winter, there is a huge demand for chicken soups, chicken ‘yakhni’ and hot and sour soup, that are equally delicious and famous for its taste.

People come from faraway places to get his ‘yakhni’ and chicken corn soup who has a stall in a local market. Mutahir Ali who is a regular visitor to the soup stall said that he’s very fond of chicken corn soup. “I love the smell and aroma of the hot chicken corn soup. It’s very tempting,” he said. Whether enjoyed at home with family or at a vendor, the soup continues to be a number one choice for many seeking warmth and tasty satisfaction in the colder months.