Thursday February 22, 2024

Fair elections

By News Desk
December 07, 2023

Pakistan is suffering from a major economic crisis and the present caretaker government has badly failed to ease the financial woes of the people. As a result, many are looking forward to the forthcoming February 2024 elections. 

They believe a new, popularly elected government will be the silver bullet that solves all their problems. However, others, including in my community, are doubtful of the authenticity and veracity of the electoral process. 

Fair elections

I think many people in my community and elsewhere are convinced that the ECP and the present federal and provincial caretaker setup are not fair or balanced and are clearly supporting one or a few 'favoured' political parties. They are convinced the coming elections will not be fair and will not bring any major change. The neutrality of all state institutions and organizations is a must. I urge all Pakistanis officials to only think about Pakistan and its people and ensure free and fair elections.

Ayesha K Sadozai