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World AIDS Day event

By Our Correspondent
December 06, 2023

Islamabad: The Directorate of Workers Education organised an awareness programme on World AIDS Day in collaboration with the Islamabad Goods Union. The programme was held at the ‘Truck Adda’, Sabzi Mandi here, aiming to educate drivers about the deadly disease, AIDS.

Addressing the audience during the event, Rai Akbar, Director of Workers Education, highlighted the dangers of AIDS and emphasised how adopting a clean and responsible lifestyle can help prevent this lethal disease. Akbar stated that drivers play an integral role in our economy, and their health is crucial to the government.

A person prepares red ribbons on the eve of World Aids Day in Bangalore. — AFP/File
A person prepares 'red ribbons' on the eve of World Aids Day in Bangalore. — AFP/File

Speaking on the occasion, Qadeer Tanzili, President of the Goods Union, expressed gratitude to Workers Education and suggested further programs on health. Naeem Khan, Director of Workers Education, and Deputy Director Hafiz Sami also raised awareness about the risks of AIDS in connection with the theme of the event.

The Directorate of Workers Education, a subsidiary department of the Ministry of Overseas Pakistanis and Human Resource Development, focuses on providing training for better production skills to workers and raising awareness about their health and safety.