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Harassment-free transport

By News Desk
December 06, 2023

A woman’s ability to move freely and safely has important implications for gender equality as a whole. Even today, women walking on the street, or using public transportation face a near-constant threat of harassment, abuse, brutality, and violence. This threat impacts their daily activities including how they choose to travel, at what time of day, and with whom. This is a very serious issue as the threat of harassment can restrict women’s mobility and even prevent them from getting an education or employment.

Harassment-free transport

We need to come up with ways to enhance women’s safety in public places including building safer and well lit waiting areas, awareness campaigns on how women can report incidents of harassment and available security features, incorporating harassment-reporting features into transport apps, and engaging the wider society in conversations about how to create a secure transport environment for women. By combining these efforts, it is possible to improve the safety and overall experience of girls and women using private or public transportation.

Laiba Fajar

Naushahro Feroze