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Another incident of police involvement in ‘robbery’ surfaces

By Faraz Khan
December 03, 2023

The fourth incident involving police officers engaged in dacoity has come to light in Karachi over the past few days, revealing a disturbing trend.

In this recent episode, suspects dressed in police uniforms targeted two houses in Afghan Basti near the Gulshan-e-Maymar area.

The culprits, wearing both police uniforms and plainclothes, carried out robberies, looting cash, gold jewellery, and other valuables. They also seized DVRs from CCTV cameras at the crime scenes.

Police officials stand alert with their weapons.—AFP/File
Police officials stand alert with their weapons.—AFP/File

Surjani Town DSP Tahir Khan stated that the police were collecting evidence, recording statements from affected citizens, and investigating the involvement of the suspects. The modus operandi involved entering a house, confining occupants, and fleeing after the robbery. A case has been registered based on the affected family’s complaint, and the crime scene unit was gathering evidence.

DSP Tahir Khan suspects a potential group utilising police uniforms for dacoities. Efforts to quickly apprehend the suspects include obtaining CCTV footage from other locations in the area and conducting a search and targeted operation.

In one incident, the robbers initially snatched cell phones in the first house but targeted the second house for a more significant robbery, looting Rs25,00000, gold jewelry, expensive mobile phones, and other items.

This series of incidents follows the revelation of an under-training DSP, Umair Bajari, being involved in a robbery in Orangi Town. A substantial amount of cash and gold was looted from a sanitary trader’s residence. The arrest of DSP Bajari and informers took place, but other arrests and actions against SSP South Imran Qureshi were pending. After the Orangi Town incident, the direct involvement of police in robberies was becoming evident, with incidents emerging one after another.

Another incident in Saeedabad involved the raid and robbery at the residence of a retired police inspector associated with the Counter Terrorism Department. Additionally, two police constables and two others were arrested for hijacking a vehicle loaded with oil at Tipu Sultan area a few days ago.