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Hearing-impaired get call centre

By News Desk
December 01, 2023

KARACHI: BankIslami Pakistan Limited has launched a new call center service for hearing-impaired customers, the bank said on Tuesday.

The service, called Tarjuman, is a dedicated facility that uses technology and trained representatives to communicate effectively with customers who have hearing impairment, the bank said in a statement.

A hearing aid. — AFP/File
A hearing aid. — AFP/File

The bank said the initiative was part of its commitment to promoting inclusivity and accessibility in its services. “Tarjuman call center is a pioneering initiative that reflects our dedication to providing exceptional customer service,” Rizwan Ata, the CEO and President at BankIslami Pakistan Limited, said. The bank invited hearing-impaired customers to visit any branch and experience the seamless communication offered by the Tarjuman call center.