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Citizen kills burglar in North Nazimabad

By Our Correspondent
November 29, 2023

A suspected house robber was killed and his accomplice arrested in an injured condition after a homeowner foiled a mugging attempt and opened fire at the robbers in North Nazimabad on Tuesday.

According to a District Central police spokesperson, three suspects entered a private school located on the ground floor of a bungalow while the homeowner, Salahuddin Ansari, resided on the first floor. The spokesperson stated that the three individuals entered the school premises with intentions of burglary. 

Ansari, a resident on the first floor, raised an alarm. In response, an armed man fired shots at Ansari, who retaliated with his licensed pistol. This resulted in one suspect being killed, his companion wounded, and the third suspect managing to escape.

This image shows Sindh Police officials gesturing at a car on a road. — AFP/File
This image shows Sindh Police officials gesturing at a car on a road. — AFP/File

The deceased suspect was identified as Ishtiaqullah, son of Sardar, and the injured as Rizwan. Police mentioned that the deceased and injured suspects were habitual drug users. Similarly, police foiled a house mugging attempt in the Manghopir area. According to the police, four robbers had entered a house in Manghopir; however, Police Helpline Madadgar 15 immediately reached the scene. One suspect was arrested in an injured state after an exchange of fire, while three robbers managed to escape. The arrested robber, who was yet to be identified, was taken to Abbasi Shaheed Hospital for medical treatment.