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CM expresses displeasure at Latifabad college officials’ poor performance

November 29, 2023

HYDERABAD: Sindh Caretaker Chief Minister Justice (retd) Maqbool Baqar expressed his displeasure at poor performance of officials of a STEVTA college in Latifabad on Tuesday.

Earlier, he arrived with Local Government Minister Mubeen Jumani, and the two were welcomed by Hyderabad Commissioner Khalid Haider Shah, DIG Tariq Dharijo, Deputy Commissioner Tariq Qureshi, SSP Amjad Sheikh and other officials.

Baqar then went to inspect the Government Monotechnic Institute, Kohsar, Latifabad, of the Sindh Technical and Vocation Training Authority, and spoke to model class students. 

Sindh Caretaker Chief Minister Justice (retd) Maqbool Baqar speaks during his visit to Hyderabad on November 28, 2023, in this still. — X/@SindhCMHouse
 Sindh Caretaker Chief Minister Justice (retd) Maqbool Baqar speaks during his visit to Hyderabad on November 28, 2023, in this still. — X/@SindhCMHouse

He was angry with the principal over the low attendance of students in classes and said that the administration failed to run the institute. He said that when the college principal does not know the lathe machine and mechanical technology, how he will teach the children

Baqar called the regional director and expressed his displeasure over the latter’s failure to inspect the institute. He told him that there were no signs of working in any of the institute’s workshops.

When he asked the principal about the number of staff members, the principal said 13 employees were working at the institute. At this, the CM warned MD STEVTA Manwar Mithani and said the technical college was not running properly. “I have come, and fake students have been brought and seated.”

He directed that this institute should be improved and professional teachers should be appointed. He said that an inquiry and forensic audit should be conducted on all matters. He also ordered an inquiry into the use of funds, attendance of teachers, and repair and maintenance of the building. He said the commissioner, an NED expert and an expert of finance will conduct inquiry.

The CM then inspected the Badin bus stand, and ordered removal of all encroachments from the bus stop and sought a report within ten days

Hyderabad Commissioner Khalid Hyder Shah, while briefing the CM about development schemes at Shahbaz Hall, said that of the provincial ADP out of Rs82 billion, Rs34 billion had been released.

He said the Master Plan of Qasimabad was in the third phase, which did not cater to the purpose because it was made for the next 25 years, but last year it did not drain out rainwater. The CM directed the commissioner to take a presentation from a consultant and P&D about the Qasimabad Master Plan and resolve issues

Baqar said the construction of an upstream waterline should be expedited so that Latifabad can get water. He also ordered removal of encroachments from roads, parks, and other public places.

He said amounts have been released, but work is not done on development schemes. Separately, Baqar held a meeting with members of the chambers of Small Industries and Small Traders of Hyderabad, Kotri, and Nooriabad SITES at Shahbaz Hall.

President Hyderabad Chamber of Small Traders and Small Industries Farooq Shaikhani informed him that they have infrastructure issues and the government has allocated Rs1,100 million for the development of the infrastructure of the site, and these funds should be released timely for the proper development of the industrial area.

Besides demanding funds for 300 acres of land, he demanded a fire brigade, social security of labourers, medicines and specialists, city surveys of Latifabad, construction of Autobhan Nalla and establishment of 15 police services for the industrial area. The MD WASA said there is a lot of expenditure on maintenance, but the recovery is low, and that is the reason WASA is unable to pay the salaries. He admitted that 10 per cent of the employees are ghosts, while recovery is Rs60 million per month.

CM Baqar enquired about the employees, salaries, and operational & maintenance expenditure of WASA. The MD said that we have 3,000 employees, 130 pumping stations, a huge network of drainage and water supplies, and salaries have been paid up to June 2023.

He said the Cantonment Board is not paying according to the consumption of water. At this, the CM ordered issuing notices to cantonment authorities and asked the commissioner to resolve this issue.

LG Minister Mubeen Jumani said 20 percent of employees WASA are ghosts, and if this issue is resolved, then there would be no problem of paying salaries. The CM directed Jumani to constitute a committee consisting of traders, and WASA and SITE representatives to resolve the issue of water connections and payment of water charges. He directed that all illegal connections and those whose uses are not paying dues should be cut off. He said the elite class should cooperate and pay the dues of WASA.

Baqar directed Minister for Revenue Muhammad Younis Dagha and the Hyderabad commissioner to resume the land survey of Latifabad from tomorrow. He directed that with the help of consultants, a study to construct a drain along with Autobhan Road be carried out. He also directed the DIG to make a unified 15 police system within a month.

The CM said the performance of the Sindh Building Control Authority and other service-providing departments was very poor. He directed them to improve their services and warned them that he would visit again and spare nobody.

Baqer also visited the Hyderabad High Court Bar, where he announced a grant of 10 million for the bar. Addressing the lawyers, he said lawyers are the pillars of the society, and they have been standing like a wall against conspiracies against the constitution. He said when he was a part of bench he always stood by the lawyers.