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Witness tortured for giving statement

By Our Correspondent
November 21, 2023
A representational image of a police tape. — AFP/File
A representational image of a police tape. — AFP/File

LAHORE:A youth was tortured by four suspects in the Shahdara area for recording witness against them.

The victim Ali reportedly was having a haircut when the suspects reached the barber’s shop. They abducted him on gunpoint and tortured him with clubs, fists and kicks. They also humiliated him and filmed the whole episode later to be shared on social media. Police on complaint arrested the suspects identified as Ali Imran, Yaseen, Abu Bakar and Hassan and also registered a case. An illegal weapon was also recovered from their custody.

Three arrested

Organised Crime Unit (OCU) Civil Lines arrested three members of a gang for committing fraud through online application. SP Organised Crime Unit North Furqan Bilal said that the arrested suspects identified as Abdul Wasay, Ali Asghar and Sahil Anwar, used to blackmail citizens through online apps. They would access private pictures and videos of the victims and blackmail them.

16 die in road accidents in 24 hours

The Emergency Services Department (ESD) responded to 1,215 road traffic accidents in all districts of Punjab during the last 24 hours. In these accidents, 16 people died, whereas 1,367 injured. Out of these, 670 people with serious injuries were shifted to different hospitals, while 697 victims with minor injuries were treated at the incident site by Rescue medical teams.

Eight bikers arrested

Safe City’s surveillance system identified and apprehended eight motorcyclists engaged in reckless riding. Law enforcement promptly took action, arresting the offenders and confiscating their motorcycles. The PSCA spokesperson highlighted the continuous and strong crackdown on law-breaking activities.

Charred body found

Charred body of a man was recovered from the Shalimar area. A passerby spotted the victim lying near Madhu Laal Hussain Darbar and alerted police. A police team removed body to morgue. Police said that the initial investigations suggested that he was a drug addict and might have caught fire accidentally. In another incident reported in Chuhng, a 70-year-old unidentified man died after being hit by a speeding car.