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Minister dedicates win to whole nation

By Our Correspondent
October 18, 2023
Minister dedicates win to whole nation. x/GreenPostpk
Minister dedicates win to whole nation. x/GreenPostpk

ISLAMABAD: Federal Information Minister Murtaza Ali Solangi dedicated the World Cup Football qualifying round win to the nation, saying that “this victory is not for the football team alone but for the nation.”

The minister watched most of the match between Pakistan and Cambodia at the Jinnah Stadium where no less than 15,000 spectators enjoyed some exciting moments. “It is a victory for the nation, for football and for the country’s sports,” Murtaza Solangi said.

The minister who was also accompanied by Ahmad Hanif Orakzai (secretary Ministry of IPC) and Director General Pakistan Sports Board (PSB), said that football is a game of masses.

“Look at the enthusiastic crowd. The match has provided real thrill to the spectators at the stadium. It was very encouraging to see them fully backing the team. Indeed, soccer is a game for masses and not for elites.”

He praised the IPC ministry and PSB for getting the venue ready for the international match. “All the arrangements are really impressive. The ministry and PSB’s role is praiseworthy.” Solangi said unfortunately politics reigns supreme in sports.

“There is an unchecked politics in soccer which hinders progress. Hopefully, those running the federation these days would realize the urgency of matter and would try to solve the long standing problems.” He also praised the Cambodian team for playing good football. “Cambodia also played exciting soccer to enthrall the crowd. Congratulations to them for keeping the crowd in business.”