Friday April 12, 2024

For and against

October 02, 2023

This letter refers to the article ‘Fixing politics by non-political means’ (September 28, 2023) by Husain Haqqani. The article raises some valid points which I would like to address. While it is true that problems like corruption have to be endured and resolved over time, in order to reach the latter stage, corruption in Pakistan has to show a downward trajectory, which is not the case. This means we need some other solution. The article argues that non-political solutions do not always help the country. However, our politicians are not of much help either and tend to make things worse.

The article also claims that in advanced democracies, the point of democracy is to let people choose their government and then vote it out if it does not meet their aspirations. However, we are not even a crude or fledgling democracy, much less an advanced democracy. Presently, we can hardly boast of being a discerning public able to exercise informed judgement. Being in a unique situation, we need tailor-made solutions and not standard prescriptions.

SRH Hashmi



This letter refers to the article ‘Fixing politics by non political means’ (September 28, 2023) by Husain Haqqani. I agree with the point that non-political interventions do not, ultimately, solve problems like corruption and can even be counterproductive, undermining the economy as a whole.

We should learn from our past mistakes and avoid all such interventions.

Mukhtar Ahmed