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Speeches and activities at Young Leaders Conference focus on transformative power of arts

By News Desk
September 25, 2023

The 22nd Young Leaders Conference (YLC) continued to inspire and enlighten its participants on its third day, focusing on the profound impact of art, culture and society in fostering inclusivity and driving positive societal transformations.

The third day of the conference was sponsored by the EBM, which has been a partner of the YLC for 22 years, during which the School of Leadership (SoL) and EBM together worked for the cause of women empowerment and helping the youth venture into new ideas bringing technological advancements in the country.

The day began with an enlightening briefing by Waleed Anwar, setting the tone for discussions on the transformative power of art, culture, and society. Renowned Yoga and meditation trainer Yogi Wajahat did meditation with the participants and made them feel relaxed and calm to start the day with a positive energy.

In "Take the Challenge - Research, Absorb & Present (Phase II)," led by Anwar, teams explored diverse cultures promoting cross-cultural empathy. Ali Hameed's keynote address titled ‘Wrong Ingredients Mixed Together’ stressed the importance of distinguishing culture, religion and politics for a peaceful society.

Anwar also led an engaging activity titled ‘Generational War’ exploring the concept of the generation gap and facilitating understanding and reconciliation between different age groups. Waqar Ali led the Kintsugi - Embracing Imperfections activity that taught participants the power of embracing imperfections and finding strength in personal growth.

In a captivating spotlight session, Shuja Haider discussed how arts and culture connected the human beings globally. In addition to these intellectually stimulating sessions, the day also featured cultural visits, a ‘Dress Your Best Culture’ segment, a vibrant drum circle, cultural celebrations and Qawwali Night.

The third day of the YLC was a celebration of the richness of arts, culture and society, promoting diversity, creativity and harmony. It reinforced the conference's mission to empower young leaders with the knowledge and inspiration to drive positive change in their communities and beyond.

The YLC is a venerable platform dedicated to nurturing the leadership potential of young individuals. Celebrating 22 years of excellence, it has consistently empowered youth to become catalysts for a positive change within their communities and beyond. The "Now or Never" theme of this year's event symbolises the YLC's unwavering commitment to shaping a more promising future through the enthusiasm and potential of our youth.