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‘Handmade Pakistan’ exhibition opens

By Our Correspondent
September 24, 2023

Islamabad : A two-day vibrant and culturally rich exhibition, 'Hand Made Pakistan,' presented by the Handicraft Association of Pakistan is currently in full swing, this remarkable event started on Saturday.

The visitors will experience a world of exquisite craftsmanship, artistic brilliance, and the essence of Pakistan's diverse heritage at the exhibition. Handicraft Association of Pakistan, dedicated to preserving and promoting traditional crafts, has curated this event to showcase the incredible talent of Pakistani artisans at the Centaurus Mall. It's not just an exhibition; it's a tribute to the painstaking craftsmanship that goes into every handcrafted piece. The exhibition was inaugurated by various deans of the Diplomatic Corps to Pakistan, representing countries such as Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Uzbekistan, Turkey, Yemen, Algeria, Malaysia, Indonesia (charge D’Affairs), Morocco (charge D’Affairs), Kenya, Sudan, Palestine, and Oman. The event was graced by the presence of notable individuals, including Sardar Yasir Ilyas Khan (CEO The Centaurus, former president of ICCI, president IDA), Dr. Sardar Rashid Ilyas Khan (SVP Sardar Group), Ehsan Bakhtawari (president of ICCI), and other distinguished guests.

Addressing the audience at the 'Hand Made Pakistan' exhibition, Sardar Yasir Ilyas Khan passionately emphasised the incredible potential that lies within Pakistan's rich cultural heritage. He highlighted the pivotal role that craftsmen and artisans play in preserving and promoting this cultural legacy. Sardar Yasir Ilyas Khan pointed out that handicrafts are not just exquisite creations; they represent a billion-dollar industry worldwide. However, he lamented the fact that Pakistani artisans often do not receive the recognition and support they deserve when compared to their counterparts in other countries. He proposed a visionary idea to harness the immense potential of Pakistani handicrafts. He suggested that these beautifully handcrafted products should find a global platform, notably on e-commerce giants like Amazon. Additionally, Sardar Yasir Ilyas Khan recommended the establishment of specific areas within Pakistan and around the world, dedicated solely to the display and sale of Pakistani handicrafts. This approach, he believed, would not only promote Pakistan's rich cultural heritage but also unlock the economic potential of the handicraft industry, potentially yielding billions of dollars in revenue.