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Another 53 test positive from twin cities taking tally to 1,298

September 22, 2023

Rawalpindi:In the existing situation when the dengue fever outbreak is getting intensified in this region of the country, it is a must for the concerned authorities in general and the individuals in particular to take preventive and control measures religiously to avoid further spread of the infection.

Data collected by ‘The News’ on Thursday has revealed that another 53 individuals have tested positive for dengue fever from the twin cities of Islamabad and Rawalpindi in the last 24 hours taking the total number of patients so far reported from the twin cities to 1298 including 739 cases from Rawalpindi and 559 from Islamabad Capital Territory.

In the last 24 hours, as many as 23 patients were confirmed positive from ICT while 30 from Rawalpindi district. On Thursday morning, well over 125 dengue fever patients were undergoing treatment at the public sector hospitals mainly in Rawalpindi of which 14 were in critical condition medically. According to health experts, the best defence against spread of dengue fever at the time is prevention and for that, the authorities should create sufficient awareness among public by using simple modes of communication. Dengue fever patients have already been reported from well over 100 union councils and localities from the twin cities and the situation may get much worse in the days to come if proper preventive and control measures are not taken by both the concerned authorities and individuals.

It is important that the incidence of dengue fever is reported at the end of September and its high transmission time is considered to be October and November in the region. In the existing situation, according to health experts, the outbreak cannot be controlled effectively through measures by the government authorities alone instead individuals will have to play active role. Dengue fever is caused by the bite of an infected female mosquito ‘aedes aegypti’ and its elimination is a must to control spread of the infection. ‘Aedes aegypti’ breeds and stays on clean water containers. Individuals and families should empty all water containers and avoid collection of water in open anywhere in the house.

Experts say that people should use mosquito repellents such as oils, mosquito coils, vapour mats, etc., to reduce human-mosquito contact while during the peak biting time of the mosquito at dusk and dawn, families should avoid human-mosquito contact by the use of protective clothing, long sleeve shirts, full length pants, socks, and shoes.

To check the spread of dengue fever, the habitats of mosquitoes, especially those close to human habitation should be eliminated. Individuals should not allow unnecessary collection of water in and around residences and should take measures to eliminate mosquitoes in houses. With no proper vaccine available to combat dengue, the only effective and available method of controlling and eventually eliminating the infection is elimination of adult mosquitoes and the mosquito breeding sites along with effectively treating patients identified as carriers. Experts say the only thing that the individuals have to care for is to avoid mosquito bite to avoid spread of dengue fever.