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Institute of Public Opinion and Research: 45pc not willing to leave country despite poor economic conditions

Around 1,100 respondents across country participated in survey, which was held from September 5-15, 2023

By News Desk
September 21, 2023
A woman while carrying her belongings in Karachi. — AFP/File
A woman while carrying her belongings in Karachi. — AFP/File

KARACHI: Despite the poor economic condition of the country, the majority of Pakistanis are not willing to leave the country. Only 38 percent want to go abroad for greener pastures and to those KSA and the UAE remained the most preferred destinations. This was revealed in the survey research conducted by the Institute for Public Opinion.

Around 1,100 respondents across the country participated in the survey, which was held from September 5-15, 2023. As many as 45 percent of survey respondents refused to go out of the country and preferred to live in the country. However, 38 percent expressed their desire to leave the country to find a better opportunity. Whereas 17 percent preferred not to answer the question.

Around 38 percent of those who preferred to live in the country said they are happily living here. 14 percent said they didn’t want to leave their families, 11 percent wanted to stay in the country due to their jobs and 10 percent because of their businesses in Pakistan. However, 8 percent said they have no interest in leaving the country.

In contrast, 58 percent of those who wanted to go abroad said they wanted to leave the country for better job opportunities. Some 10 percent wanted to leave because of the high cost of living, 5 percent for better education facilities, 5 percent to venture into business and 4 percent due to political instability in Pakistan.

To a question as to what would be their favourite destination, 14 percent chose Saudi Arabia, 9 percent UAE, 4 percent UK, 3 percent Canada, 3 percent Europe, 2 percent US, 2 percent Qatar, 2 percent Australia and 1 percent Italy. However, 4 percent said they wanted to go to any country, while another 4 percent mentioned different countries.