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Tabani Group acquires OPD firm

By Our Correspondent
September 20, 2023

KARACHI: Tabani Group, a leading business conglomerate in Pakistan, announced on Tuesday that it has acquired Siha Health and Wellness Private Limited, the world’s first and only Sharia-Compliant OPD Company, as a subsidiary.

Siha Health and Wellness is a cashless health and wellness solution provider that offers tailor-made services to clients across all industries in Pakistan. The company has been accredited unanimously by 17 Islamic scholars from Pakistan, Africa, UAE, India, and Bangladesh as a fully Shariah-compliant entity.

Siha’s services include access to doctors, pharmacists, labs, diagnostic centers and medicines through a one-stop cashless outpatient solution. The company aims to shift the focus from reactive healthcare to proactive disease prevention and wellness promotion.

Tabani Group is a diversified business group with interests in aviation, education, real estate, logistics and other sectors. The group said that the acquisition of Siha will enhance its offerings to clients and prospects across the country and beyond.

“We were very impressed with the dedicated professionals of Siha Health & Wellness during our due diligence process and we strongly believe our combination will significantly enhance our offerings to clients and prospects across the country.

I look forward to welcoming Siha colleagues joining us as part of Tabani Group to our growing family of professionals." Said Muneeb Tabani, Director of Tabani Group and Siha Health & Wellness.