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Police ensuring foolproof security in Red Zone

By Our crime correspondent
September 19, 2023

Islamabad: The Islamabad Capital Police is using all available resources to ensure the peace and peace within the federal capital, a police spokesman said.

The Islamabad Capital Police ensuring data registration, identification documents and effective search of citizens entering the high security zone on a regular basis. Action against 464 vehicles and 468 motorcyclists over traffic rules violations on various checkpoints of high security zone was also taken. During the last week, the Islamabad Capital Police removed black glasses and non-sample number plates of 464 vehicles and issued challan tickets to 468 motorcyclists over not wearing hel­mets and over-speed vi­o­l­a­tions. Strict directions have been issued to police officers and officials performing their duties at high security zone checkpoints to exercise their duty with full responsibility. The protection of important public and private property and embassies located in the high security zone is of paramount importance.