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Minister for research on health issues

September 17, 2023

LAHORE: Punjab’s Health Minister Dr Javed Akram emphasized the crucial need for modern research to safeguard health of people.

He was addressing as a special guest at a seminar held at a local hotel on Saturday.

He stressed the importance of research grounded in vital factors, asserting that the ultimate goal should always be the well-being of individual patients.

Dr Javed also announced the forthcoming international conference hosted by the Pakistan Society of Internal Medicine scheduled for Sept 22 to 24 which will gather both national and international medical experts, including the federal health minister.

Additionally, he highlighted an upcoming grant writing session underlining the emphasis on quality research within Punjab’s medical institutions, advocating for clinical trials as the foundation for positive societal changes.

Furthermore, he lamented the absence of a biotechnology plant in Pakistan, expressing the government’s commitment to improve healthcare facilities in Punjab.

The event drew notable attendees, including Dr Shehla Javed Akram, Vice Principal of the Services Institute of Medical Sciences Prof Dr Tayyaba Wasim, Prof Shamsa Humayun, Prof Samia Malik, Prof Khadija, Prof Khalid Mahmood among others.