Friday September 22, 2023

Campuses to be made drug-free, says IG

September 16, 2023

LAHORE:Inspector General Police Punjab Dr Usman Anwar has said that police employees have to work in very difficult conditions, which our people do not understand at all, we are not neglecting to serve the people despite very limited resources.

I have disposed of promotion cases of police officers that have been pending for last many years and now trying to ensure that no cases remain pending. He said that even today we work with Khoji. It also adopts old methods and uses new scientific techniques.

The IGP stated this while talking to the students in a meeting under the auspices of the educational edition of the Daily Jang. Wasif Nagi hosted the meeting while Ahmad Faraz was also included in the panel. Mah Noor and Nimal Shaukat from Lahore College for Women University participated in the discussion.

IGP Dr Usman Anwar expressed concern over supply of narcotics in the educational institutions and said that special measures were being taken to address this issue and make campuses drug-free. IG Punjab while talking about the Jaranwala incident said that the first incident of church burning happened after 10 O’clock. DPO had reached there and we had a meeting there.

People were provoked on social media and loudspeakers. Due to this, the crowd increased, at that time, had we fired at them the entire Punjab would have caught fire, but we did not fire at anyone.Talking about the arrest of the PTI chairman, he said that we want remand after arrest. JIT has collected all the data and also investigated. We must sit face to face for investigation. He is currently facing a cypher case.Article 220 of the Constitution clearly states that all institutions come under the Election Commission of Pakistan - our strategy is very clear. ‘On May 9, when we told them that elections will not be held this way.

There will be a do or die atmosphere which happened on May 9. Now you will see that when we are given the personnel whenever the Election Commission tells us, according to their will and according to their given schedule, we will conduct elections.’ —