Saturday May 18, 2024

SNGPL intensifies crackdown on gas pilferers

By Our Correspondent
September 14, 2023

LAHORE: The crackdown on gas pilferers has been intensified by the Sui Northern Gas Pipelines Limited (SNGPL) with raids on major businesses.

According to the gas utility spokesperson, an SNGPL Lahore region team raided an international fast-food chain at Defence Y-block Market on the complaint of meter tampering. The meter was sent for laboratory testing where 100 per cent tampering was proved. The team immediately disconnected the gas connection.

Similarly, in Islamabad, a regional team raided a well-known educational institution at Sector G7 where an illegal gas connection was being used. The institution illegally consumed 130 hm3 gas which is equivalent to Rs1.5 million. The institution already owes the SNGPL Rs2.6 million, hence the total outstanding amount now stands at Rs4.1 million.

In another development, the SNGPL sent a notice for the recovery of Rs3.7 million from an international mobile phone company. It is pertinent to notice that the said company’s mobile tower in Karak, KP, was found involved in gas theft.

On an overall basis, 212 gas connections have been disconnected and Rs1.95 million worth of fines were imposed over gas theft. SNGPL regional teams are continuing raids in Punjab, Khyber Pakhtunkhwa and Islamabad against gas pilferers. In Peshawar, the company disconnected 30 connections on account of direct use of gas and illegal connections while one FIR was lodged. An SNGPL team in Mardan disconnected one gas connection for using domestic connection for commercial purposes. A sum of Rs 108,100 was calculated over gas theft.

In Sialkot, the company disconnected 38 connections for illegal use of gas and using compressors. Two gas connections were disconnected in Sargodha on meter tampering while another 3 connections were disconnected on account of illegal use of gas in Sargodha. A regional team lodged one FIR at a local police station. A regional team in Gujranwala disconnected 12 connections on illegal use of gas while another 10 connections were disconnected for using compressors. The team booked Rs238,000 against gas theft while also lodging two FIRs.

In Gujrat, the SNGPL disconnected seven connections on illegal use of gas while another three on use of compressors. The company disconnected 5 connections on direct use gas while booking Rs1,500,000 against gas theft in Islamabad. In Sahiwal, five meters were disconnected on illegal extensions.

A regional team in Faisalabad disconnected 11 connections for gas theft while another eight for use of compressors. The team booked Rs104,000 against gas theft. In Lahore, eight connections were disconnected by a regional team. In Bahawalpur, another regional team disconnected 23 connections on use of compressors and 13 on illegal extensions.

The company disconnected 15 connections on illegal use of gas while eight connections were disconnected on use of compressor in Multan. In Sheikhupura, eight connections were disconnected on illegal use of gas and two meters were disconnected on use of compressor.

The SNGPL is processing these cases for booking of volume as per SOPs. The company has also submitted applications to local police stations for lodging of FIRs against gas pilferers as per the law.