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Dr Israr paid tributes for preaching Quran

By Asim Hussain
August 29, 2023

LAHORE:Noted Islamic scholars from Pakistan and across the world paid glowing tributes to Dr Israr Ahmad, founder of Tanzeem Islami (TI) and selfless proponent of enforcing the Khilafah system of Quran and Sunnah, stressing the urgent need for Muslims across the world to adhere to Quran for their salvation in this world and hereafter.

Top scholars paid tributes to Dr Israr while addressing an international conference titled ‘50 years of Dr Israr Ahmad’s Struggle and The Movement of Adopting Al-Quran’ organised by Anjuman Khudam-ul-Quran, chaired by TI ameer Shujauddin Shaikh.

The conference was addressed by renowned scholars from across the world on video link including Dr Zakir Naik, Prof Nauman Ali Khan, Mustafa Al Turk etc while noted scholars including Ahmad Javed, JI ameer Sirajul Haq, Mufti Tariq Masood, Dr Sohaib Hasan, Dr Hammad Lakhvi, Dr M Sami, Dr Tahir Khakwani, Mufti Husain Khalil Khel, Dr Arif Rasheed and others. Shujauddin said that Dr Israr Ahmad put his heart, soul and body into the movement of the Quran and the establishment of Islam till his last breath.

Renowned Islamic scholar Dr Zakir Naik said in a video address from Malaysia that Dr Israr Ahmad was the advocate of Islamic revolution and wanted to bring the Ummah back to Quran and Sunnah.

He was the best interpreter of the Quran and his political thought was also very impressive. Dr Zakir recalled that Dr Israr had said in 1995 that BJP will rule India. It did not seem possible then but later Dr Israr's political thinking proved true. “Dr Israr advised me to live a simple life and gave me great encouragement and guidance for the work of ‘Dawat e Deen’.

He was an excellent speaker and orator, who played his role in changing the lives of many people.”

Prof Nauman Ali Khan in his video message from America termed the services of Dr Israr Ahmad for the struggle for Dawat-e-Quran and Iqamah-e-Deen no less than a blessing for present and future generations. Sirajul Haq said Allah gave such grace to Dr Asrar that he was a physician of both body and soul. Dr Sahib dedicated his life to serving the Quran and connecting people with the Quran.

He waged Jihad against innovations and false customs and struggled to uphold the Sunnah by struggling fearlessly and inviting the dictators and so-called democratic politicians to the right direction.

Noted intellectual Ahmed Javed said although after the colonial era, many movements took up the flag of the revival of Islam and especially struggled with regard to the political system of Islam but the characteristic of Dr Israr's struggle for the establishment of religion and Quran was that he based it on the relationship with Allah. Dr Abdul Sami said Dr Israr gave the message of the renaissance of Islam to the common Muslims through Jihad by the Quran. M Tahir Khakwani said Dr Israr was an important figure in the revival of Islam during the 20th century, who connected the Muslim Ummah with the Quran and reminded Muslims of the supremacy of Islam.

M Ali, the founder member of the youth club, said a large number of young people are returning to religion even today after being inspired by the personality and dawah of Dr Israr. Dr Arif Rasheed, President of Anjuman Khudam ul Quran Lahore and Dr Israr's eldest son, described his devotion to the Quran and Iqamah-e-Deen and his renewal efforts in the light of his childhood and youth and the events of his observations.

Senior Mufti of Jamiah Al-Rashid Mufti Hussain Khalil Khel said Dr Israr presented a blueprint for solving the problems faced by the Muslim Ummah and Pakistani nation based on Quran. Noted scholar Mufti Tariq Masood termed Dr Israr among the four most influential personalities of this era. Dr Sahib popularised the subjects of the Quran and conveyed it to the masses who had almost forgotten them. Dr Sohaib Hasan in his video address from England said Dr Israr drew the Ummah towards the Quran and popularised the term Khilafat system. He continued the academic jihad through Quranic teachings to eliminate ignorance, corruption, innovations and un-Islamic rituals from the society.