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Career counselling: questions and answers

August 21, 2023

Q1: Dear Mr Abidi, I did my bachelors in commerce and later on CMA Inter in Cost and Management Accountant from ICMAP. Now I am doing stage 4 after which there are 2 stages left for CMA. I thought it would be a good idea to have your expert advice on its scope in Gulf countries. Also let me know which type of organisation/ industry would be better for my career profession like FMCG, Petroleum, Textile, or Power Generation etc? I also request you to please guide me in finalising my specialisation either Costing, Finance or Taxation? (Mehar Musawar Ali, Lahore)

Ans: I have gone through your academic background and the programmes you have in mind for the future. Therefore, I suggest you should consider Power Generation or Energy Conservation after the completion of your current CMA. I’m advising you Power Generation as it is an emerging area and is very high in demand for financial specialists like you. This is because professionals like you are good at developing business proposals and feasibility/ reports for projects etc.

Q2: Dear sir, I’m a student of Business Administration (Masters). My major is Banking and Finance. Can you please guide me if there are any short courses that are suitable for students like me to enhance my academic background? My master's will complete next year but I’m very much upset in choosing how to take off/ start my career? (Abdul Samad Khan, Haripur)

Ans: I think it would be better that you look for an internship in a financial institution or bank and do this even if it’s without any salary. This way you will have practical experience which would be a lot more effective and valuable than a short course/certificate and you will have better job prospects.

Q3: Sir, I have given my final exams of electronic engineering and am waiting for the results. I did my engineering from NED University. I’m confused and request you to please suggest if I should do an MS, MBA or what? Please let me know which one of these you suggest? Also let me know if I should go abroad for study, if yes please suggest any low-cost country? (Nazaakat Baloch, Karachi)

Ans: Dear Nazaakat, according to your current academic profile, you have two options leading to an MS. Once you do your MS you should have some on-hand experience of at least 2/3 years and then do an MBA. However, with your current academic profile, my suggestion is that you do a PG degree in Mechatronics or Communication Engineering with a specialisation in wireless and mobile communication. These degrees are very popular, in demand and will be hot courses for many years to come. These degrees will have more prospects even in Pakistan or in a foreign country.

Q4: Dear Mr Abidi, I’m currently a student of Town Planning Engineering (BS) from the University of Engineering and Technology, Lahore. Please guide me what are the prospects of this degree in Pakistan or abroad and if I want to do an MS what would you suggest after this degree? (Fasaahat Jameel Bhutta- Sheikhupura)

Ans: Dear Mr Bhutta, the degree you are currently studying is very exceptional. I tell you that you should get a job here or abroad, especially in the Middle East. But if you try to top up with construction management; this will give you an advantage over other colleagues related to this subject area.

(Syed Azhar Husnain Abidi is a renowned educationist in Pakistan, with more than 20 years of experience as provider of education counselling services. He has represented Pakistan in over 100 national and international seminars, conferences and fora. He is a recipient of the most coveted civil award Tamgha-e-Imtiaz).