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Not negotiating with PDM was a big mistake, admits Asad Umar

The former minister says PTI should have accepted election date proposed by PDM leadership

By News Desk
June 20, 2023
PTI leader Asad Umar. —APP/File
PTI leader Asad Umar. —APP/File

KARACHI: Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf senior leader Asad Umar has said that his party is a political reality that polled 16.8 million votes, but the Pakistan Democratic Movement (PDM) had made it to parliament with 22.5 million votes and it was a big mistake not to negotiate with them.

Talking to a private TV channel on Monday, he remarked that blaming some personalities of an institution means blaming not only that institution but also the entire nation, he said, adding that May 9 was a wake-up call, and everyone must take two steps back.

“I do not agree with the current strategy of the PTI chairman,” he said. “I have no intention of doing politics in any other party except the PTI. The vote bank belongs only to Imran Khan and not to any other party leader. If Imran Khan himself decides to be minus, then maybe the party will disappear.”

Umar said those who are telling Khan what he is doing is excellent and that he has to stand his ground have in fact no good intentions for the PTI chairman.

In decision-making, senior political leadership was ignored, he said. “We should have taken the election date that the government was giving us.”

Umar said that around 80 per cent of PTI MNAs were against resignations. There was a meeting in which Imran Khan was not present, but almost all the senior leadership of the party was present, and everyone except Shah Mehmood Qureshi said the proposed election date should be accepted.

He said that at present where the country is, it becomes a responsibility to say what is better for the country. It is not easy but it needs ethical courage, he said, adding that over this matter, he talked to the party’s senior leadership but he was not heard.

“I take no responsibly for this crisis within the party. In my opinion, Imran Khan should prepare himself for modification in his current stance.”

The people decide the future of a leader, Umar said, adding that it does not mean that a leader who has committed a crime should be forgiven; he must be punished.

He said the PTI supporters would not support his arguments, but he would defend himself. He denied making any deal but admitted receiving invitations from multiple sources from one party. “I won’t join any other political party. I joined the PTI because the party sent those to the Houses who had not even thought of entering them. I won’t practically contest election from any party.”

He stressed that minus Imran Khan means minus PTI, for the vote bank of the PTI is Imran Khan’s.

Online news agency adds: In another development, the suspected rift between Asad Umar and Imran Khan became clear on the occasion of a hearing in the judicial complex.

Both are nominated in a case registered at the Margalla police station. At the hearing, Umar shook hands with Khan and invited him to sit on the seat next to him, but the PTI chairman chose to stand on the rostrum, after which Umar stood close to him.

Sources said that Umar later left the court after the hearing of the case was adjourned till July 4.