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Model Bazaars provide relief to masses, says minister

By Our Correspondent
June 09, 2023

LAHORE:Provincial Minister of Industry, Commerce, and Energy SM Tanveer on Thursday visited the Model Bazar Township to assess the availability, prices and quality of essential commodities. Expressing his views, the minister highlighted the crucial role played by the 36 Model Bazars in providing much needed relief to the public. Lahore alone boasts 10 Model Bazars, with an additional five currently being established in various cities across Punjab, he said.

He announced plans to transition all Model Bazars to solar power systems. With over 50 million annual visitors, the markets operate seven days a week. Notably, stallholders are exempted from charges related to electricity, sanitation and security, he added. Special concessions are being granted to individuals with disabilities and elderly citizens who wish to set up stalls, ensuring inclusivity, he added. In light of the challenges posed by inflation, SM Tanveer affirmed the government's dedication to providing comprehensive relief measures to the affected public. He also reviewed the operations of the Punjab Model Bazaar Management Company and symbolically planted a tree, showcasing the government's commitment to environmental sustainability.

Importance of food safety highlighted

The University of Okara’s Department of Food, Science & Technology organised a seminar on World Food Safety Day to raise awareness about the importance of food safety and its global implications.

The event, held in the university auditorium, was attended by UO Vice-Chancellor, Prof Dr Muhammad Wajid, and a panel of guest speakers. Addressing the audience, Prof Wajid emphasised the significance of World Food Safety Day in ensuring the well-being of communities worldwide. He highlighted the role of academia in promoting research and knowledge dissemination, stating, ‘Universities play a pivotal role in educating the masses and generating innovative solutions to tackle food safety challenges.’

Prof Dr Tahir Zahoor shared his insights on emerging trends and challenges in the food industry. He emphasised the importance of technology and research in ensuring the production, distribution, and consumption of safe and nutritious food. Maria Aslam, District Health Nutritionist, stressed the need for stringent regulations and quality control measures.

Dr Ahmad Hassan, WHO representative at Okara, highlighted the importance of hygiene practices, food handling techniques, and cross-sector collaboration in reducing the burden of foodborne diseases. Ahmad Serosh, UNICEF representative at Okara, elucidated the impact of environmental factors on agricultural practices. The seminar concluded with a call to action, emphasising the collective responsibility of individuals, institutions, and policymakers in ensuring food safety.