Wednesday April 24, 2024

Bully pulpit

June 04, 2023

Bullying is a pervasive issue that can have lasting negative effects on a child’s well-being and academic performance. While much attention is given to students bullying each other, it is disheartening to witness instances where teachers themselves contribute to this problem. Unfortunately, there have been instances where some teachers have failed to meet expectations, exhibiting behaviours that perpetuate bullying or turning a blind eye to it. It is imperative that schools prioritize the development of comprehensive anti-bullying policies and provide regular training for all staff members. This training should include recognizing different forms of bullying, understanding its impact and equipping teachers with effective intervention strategies.

By enhancing their knowledge and skills, teachers can better identify bullying incidents and take appropriate action. Additionally, creating an open and trusting atmosphere within schools is crucial. Implementing anonymous reporting systems can be particularly helpful in encouraging students to come forward.

Khansha Naveed