Wednesday June 12, 2024

PTI implodes

May 27, 2023

The PTI is disintegrating rapidly. Imran Khan has lost his composure. In one breath he says he is ready to step-down if it serves Pakistan’s interests and says he will fight back in the next. He is still impatient to see elections being held, claiming that the crisis would subside once the nation heads to the polls. However, the PTI’s behaviour in opposition shows they have little regard for the people’s mandate when it does not go their way. Had the party exercised a bit more patience, things would not have deteriorated so badly for the country and the party.

The PTI would have swept the next general elections, given the abysmal performance of the PDM, had they not decided to start attacking state institutions. But, the PTI chief ignored the saner heads around him and thereby doomed his own party. It is hoped that we have seen the last of Imran’s destructive follies and that a PTI-free political landscape will bring more stability in the coming years.

Gulsher Panhwer