Monday May 27, 2024

Job scarcity

May 27, 2023

Persistent unemployment is a pressing issue in Pakistan, particularly among the youth, which has led to a rise in crime rates. Despite Pakistan’s high growth rate, the country still faces underdevelopment, resulting in a dearth of job opportunities. The competition for jobs is fierce, with one job attracting hundreds of applicants, many of whom lack the necessary qualifications and skills required for available positions. Economic challenges in Pakistan further limit job opportunities as employers seek experienced individuals.

One significant factor contributing to this problem is the inadequacy of our education system, which often fails to equip students with practical skills and relevant knowledge needed for the job market. To address this issue, we must focus on improving the education system, promoting the adoption of new technologies, fostering collaboration between the government and the private sector, creating a business-friendly environment and encouraging entrepreneurship

Zahra Khan