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Tareen’s refusal to revive acquaintance with Imran quite meaningful

By News Analysis & Farooq Aqdas
May 18, 2023

ISLAMABAD: While the Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) claimed to have enjoyed 70 percent popularity against the Pakistan Democratic Parties (PDM), the situation after the May 9 incidents seems to be otherwise and disappointing after analysing the statements of party’s legislators, central office-bearers, and activists.

In this regard, party’s two MNAs, Moulvi Mehmood and Rawalpindi’s Amir Mehmood Kayani, have announced to part ways with the PTI. Both the legislators were among those who had collectively resigned from the National Assembly, hence both could be considered former MNAs.

Moulvi Mehmood is the richest person of Karachi and owns vast shipping and construction businesses. PTI leader Ali Zaidi had facilitated his inclusion in the PTI and subsequent award of the ticket, while Rawalpindi’s Amir Kayani is also a popular personality and Imran Khan as prime minister had given the portfolio of health minister, however his tenure saw unprecedented price hike of medicines and scandals of receiving commission, due to which he was removed from the cabinet.

Owning vast lands and businesses in the rural and urban areas of Rawalpindi, he was always ready to give any sacrifice for PTI Chairman Imran Khan. Before May 9 incidents, he would say, “If Imran Khan sends me to the border with a gun, I will not wait for a moment.”

Besides these two members, there are five more close confidants of Imran Khan who are reported to announce disassociation from him at any point of time. When their names and faces will be revealed, it will shock everyone. In such a situation, disgruntled leader of PTI Jahangir Tareen has also come to fore who visited the Jinnah House along with other disgruntled members of PTI.

On the occasion, they condemned the attack on the army’s installations and added that their association with Imran Khan has been ended over two years. “I served PTI for 10 years and whole heartedly supported Imran Khan,” said Jahangir Tareen and categorically rejected any possibility of restoring relationship with Imran.

Though he evaded a question of a journalist regarding forming a new political parties but given the split in the party there is a favourable situation for him to establish his own party. In the aftermath of May 9 incidents and public sentiments after attacks on army installations, certain circles are of the view that the party is over.

It is pertinent to mention that the same phrase was sent by American ambassador in Pakistan to his government via fax regarding Pakistan People’s Party back in 1977 while Bhutto was publicly commenting on Pakistan Army and the US, levelling allegations and waving letters in markets.

The American ambassador also shared the sentence “the party is over” with a politician who brought it into the knowledge of Bhutto. Later, Bhutto made a reference of it during his speech on the floor on April 28 and said the party is not over yet.

However, only after three months of his speech in the National Assembly, he was ousted from the government and hanged to death on April 4, 1979.