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‘Lazzate’ Zindagi — an unforgettable poetry collection

By Ibne Ahmad
April 26, 2023

Lazzate Zindagi is a book of poems written with simplicity by Nadia Khalid in a relaxed and direct way they reach our hearts and there can be no better choice than this collection of poems to refresh our souls.

This is a delightful collection of poetry, which includes poems dealing with meaningful themes such as peace, family, love, happiness, and feelings. Some of the poems are just a few verses long, even as few as four or six, but each of them tells a complete story and sends a significant message that you cannot miss.

Thanks to the simplicity of everyday language, these poems have the power to create an incredible experience for those who love to read them. The poems cover a variety of topics with natural and emotional ties.

The poet covers topics such as dear ones’ love, with a reflective voice. Glowingly tinted headlines go together with each poem, and the poet shares her feelings in the hope they will inspire strength in those who read them. The style of the poetry evolves and seems to represent the feelings of a woman as she moves through the stages of her life. The words used in poems bring artistic experience. These words allow us a glimpse of the inspiration that drives the spirited soul of the poet behind each poem.

In most poems, the mother’s love for the kids vibrates with the reader. The poems create feelings of peace and harmony. Each poem brings forth an emotional response, whether it is the yearning for the beauty of the words or a connection from a similar experience.

The book has consistent themes of family love. The poems have messages of endurance and wisdom reminding the readers to use their time wisely and focus on things and people that matter.

The world is always changing, and it can make you lose sight of your goals and dreams. Do not lose yourself on your journey to success. Creating beautiful moments along the way, and letting go of things that drag you down is the message of her poetry. Fame and fortune may give us joy, but love comes from family members and friends. Stir your emotions and find what makes you happy by reading this collection of poetry.