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Qatar Charity joins hands with Al-Shifa Trust to fight against blindness

April 16, 2023

Rawalpindi: Qatar Charity, one of the largest humanitarian and development organizations in the world announced a new partnership with Al-Shifa Trust Eye Hospital, a leading eye care NGO in Pakistan.

The collaboration aims to support the treatment of cataract patients in Pakistan, where the disease is prevalent and affects thousands of individuals. This disease involves the clouding of the natural lens of the eye.

Qatar Charity chose to partner with Al-Shifa Trust Eye Hospital due to its exceptional work in the field of eye care. President Al-Shifa Trust, Major General (r) Rehmat Khan briefed representatives of the charity about the hospital's record of performing the highest number of cataract surgeries in Pakistan, along with the high-quality equipment used in the surgeries.

During the meeting, he also briefed the delegates about Trust's exceptional eye cancer treatment, cornea transplant facility, and community outreach program. "We are thrilled to partner with Qatar Charity and appreciate their support in providing essential eye care services to underprivileged communities in Pakistan," said Rehmat Khan. Al Shifa Trust at its five hospitals operating in Rawalpindi, Sukhar, Muzaffarabad, Kohat and Chakwal performs 3000 surgeries per month, the president said.

As part of this partnership, Qatar Charity will sponsor cataract surgery for 300 patients for free while the delegates have also expressed their interest in expanding the scope of this partnership in the future.

Al-Shifa Trust has been working in the field of eye care for the past 32 years, providing free eye care services to more than 80 per cent of its patients. The NGO is committed to preventing and controlling blindness by making eye care accessible and affordable to all individuals, with a particular focus on underprivileged communities.