Thursday June 20, 2024

KE severs 100 illegal connections in Malir

By Our Correspondent
March 26, 2023

The K-Electric (KE) took action against power theft in Darakhshan Society, Malir, and cut off illegal connections supplying electricity to around 100 homes.

The KE operatives also removed several hook connections from Qureshi Mohalla. Around 55 homes were found to be using power illegally, despite their meters being disconnected due to defaulting payments.

Facilitation camps have been established to support residents in the Malir A area, but to little avail. Power theft through hook connections not only poses a safety risk to those in the immediate vicinity but also disrupts the power transmission and distribution system on a wider scale.

The KE requests customers to make timely bill payments and report incidences of theft in order to improve the power supply.