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Mexico’s top court suspends electoral reform bill

March 26, 2023

Mexico City: Mexico’s Supreme Court suspended a controversial electoral reform bill on Friday after it was slammed by the country´s political opposition as an “attack” on democracy ahead of next year´s polls.

The bill, which had been approved last month by lawmakers mostly from the ruling party, slashes the budget of the country´s electoral commission -- a key independent institution mandated to safeguard elections.

Tens of thousands of Mexicans have taken to the streets to protest the bill, which they say weakens the commission and tips the balance of power in the upcoming polls in favor of the ruling party.

The country´s Supreme Court said Friday that Judge Javier Laynez had “accepted the suspension requested by the National Electoral Institute (INE) concerning all the articles of the decree that are contested.”

The court said the suspension will be in place until it resolves the case, and “the provisions in force prior to the respective reform remain in force.”

The court said it granted the suspension because of the “possible violation of the political and electoral rights of citizens.”

It also set a deadline for the country´s Parliament and executive branch to submit their legal response.

The INE has said the bill will reduce its operating capacity and will lead to the sacking of most of its staff.