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Committee formed to improve police investigation branch

By Salis bin Perwaiz
March 24, 2023

In view of the loopholes in investigations and the low conviction rate, Sindh’s police chief has formed a committee to examine the existing legal doctrine and make suggestions for improvement.

Officials said IGP Ghulam Nabi Memon has repeatedly pointed out the low conviction rate and the investigation department’s unsatisfactory performance, ordering transfers of the underperforming officers and replacing them with well-trained officers experienced in dealing with serious cases, especially terrorism and street crime.

They said Memon finds it alarming that many terrorism and street crime cases are pending investigation, and that many of the investigating officers are not taking the cases seriously.

Besides replacing the underperforming officers, the IGP is increasing the strength of the investigation branch, including its resources, for which some devoted and intelligent Karachi police officers have been transferred to the investigation department. Before being transferred, they were trained in countering cases of terrorism, street crime and other offences.

According to the order to form a committee to improve the investigation branch, the body will be headed by the Addl IGP Investigation Sindh, Karachi, with the DIG Hyderabad Range and the AIGP Legal CPO Sindh, Karachi, as members.

The committee will examine the existing legal doctrine of extending the benefit of the doubt to the accused in contemporary criminal justice systems. It will study the best international practices and standards to identify the strengths and weaknesses of the existing legal framework.

The body will propose recommendations for making changes in the practice and interpretation of the maxim “to prove the case beyond any shadow of a doubt” to the internationally accepted maxim of “proving the case beyond reasonable doubt”.

The committee is authorised to seek input and guidance from the relevant experts, stakeholders and organisations, and engage the services of any consultant or expert deemed necessary for the successful accomplishment of its tasks.

The body’s chairman is responsible for ensuring that the committee’s objectives are met, and would submit the findings and recommendations within 30 days for the perusal of the IGP.

Officials said that in view of last month’s attack on the Karachi Police Office, the police chief also ordered buying modern drones and blast shields to keep the officials safe. After the attack the IGP ordered tightening security at police installations, including purchasing modern equipment.