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No let-up in street crime in city as 29 killed, 140 injured in 80 days

March 23, 2023

Residents of Karachi remain at the mercy of criminals, as 29 people have been killed and 140 others wounded in street crime during the first 80 days of the year.

According to the Citizens-Police Liaison Committee’s (CPLC) report, the city has witnessed an increase in street crime incidents just during January and February, with over 14,000 incidents of crime having been occurred.

Besides killing 29 people and injuring 140 others during muggings in different parts of the city, robbers deprived victims of 9,023 motorbikes and 405 cars. The CPLC data also shows that 4,634 mobile phones were snatched in the city. Police also registered four cases of extortion and one case of kidnapping for ransom.

There has been no respite from the growing menace of street crime in Karachi, as in 2022 over 100 people had been killed and 500 others had been wounded during robberies, instilling fear and a sense of insecurity among the residents, with ruthless muggers freely roaming the city.

Last year’s street crime data shows the deteriorating situation of law and order in Karachi, with over 81,000 incidents reported. The 2022 data shows 52,000 motorbikes and 26,400 phones being stolen. The report shows the recovery of only 4,000 stolen items, including 2,900 motorbikes, 600 cars and 530 phones.

To control the rising street crime incidents, the Karachi police have taken several steps, like forming the Shaheen Force, but the residents are losing their confidence in the law enforcement department because all these measures appear to be ineffective.

Sindh police chief Ghulam Nabi Memon said the police have been facing the same issues in dealing with street crime. “Repeat offenders are the main cause behind the rise in street crime,” IGP Memon told The News. “Everyone is only focusing on and blaming the police, but the police alone can’t tackle this.”

He explained that street crime will not be eliminated completely until all the multiple factors are dealt with simultaneously. “We need to enhance the operational, intelligence and investigation wings of the police, and we’re doing it,” he pointed out.

“But it must also be ensured that complainants, witnesses and the prosecution are carrying out their responsibilities. Are they on the same page with the police in sending street criminals to jail?”

He lamented that street criminals are easily getting bail, following which they resume their criminal activities in the city again. He said he would soon hold a meeting with the other stakeholders to resolve this issue.