Monday May 20, 2024


March 22, 2023

The International Criminal Court (ICC) recently issued an arrest warrant against Russian President Vladimir Putin, accusing him of committing war crimes. The ICC was established in 2002 to prosecute leaders of countries who flout international laws. Currently 123 states have ratified the ICC but great powers such as China and the USA have yet to recognize it. Several problems afflict the ICC and other international organizations.

They are accused of bias and racism. In the past, the ICC has prosecuted leaders from third world countries and those who are in the crosshairs of the USA and its allies. It has not taken any actions against the excesses of the Western powers, which include occupation of other countries for selfish gains, crimes against humanity and torture. Many of these countries do not follow the rules they themselves advocate for when it does not suit their interests. So it’s no wonder that these international institutions don’t enjoy the same respect in all countries.

Haleema Sadia

Kallar Syedan