Thursday October 05, 2023

Gifts for kids recovered from cancer

By Our Correspondent
March 02, 2023

LAHORE: Smiling faces of children recovered from cancer are the real gift for any doctor. Doctors/nurses do their best to give new life to these children with their tireless hard work and efforts. With the development of modern medical science, cancer has become curable, but the real need is to diagnose it and get treat it in time.

These views were expressed by Postgraduate Medical Institute and Ameer Uddin Medical College Principal Prof Dr Muhammad Al-Fareed Zafar at a ceremony held to distribute bouquets and gifts to the children recovered from cancer at Lahore General Hospital here on Wednesday.

It is mentionable that teams of doctor from Paediatrics and Ophthalmology Departments have played an important role in treatment of these children. Prof Muhammad Moin, Prof Agha Shabbir Ali, Prof Muhammad Shahid, MS Dr Khalid Bin Aslam, Dr Amir Rasheed, Dr Lubna Siddique, Dr Sonia Ayub, Dr Aftab Anwar, Sister Nusrat Tahira and others were present. Parents of the children said doctors and nurses are the messiahs of these children who have been given timely and proper treatment.