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Wind power projects transform Pakistan’s energy landscape

February 09, 2023

Islamabad : Wind power projects are going to transform Pakistan’s energy landscape. On the vast desert of Jhimpir, Sindh, hundreds of wind turbines are running day and night, providing stable and green power to the national grid.

Peerzada Zain ul Abideen, O&M manager of PowerChina HDEC Engineering Company Limited Pakistan proudly told that the 12 projects in Jhimpir of his company have generated 1888.29 GWh of electricity so far, according to a report published by China Economic Net (CEN) on Wednesday. “Locals also find learning and working opportunities here. Most of the engineers, managers, and workers are from nearby areas”, he said, adding, “I myself have also been offered a job that my family and friends are proud of and a good salary”. Peerzada Zain ul Abideen, recipient of the award in 2022 for outstanding Pakistani staff in CPEC projects, coordinated with the project management teams during the engineering and execution of 12 wind power projects.

As renewable energy including wind is getting higher on the Pakistani government’s agenda, Chinese power companies have become a significant part of Pakistan’s endeavour to realize its wind potential and transform its energy structure. “We were surprised to find that the deserted school was used as a poultry storage house. To convince villagers that we could reconstruct and renovate the school, that our project can change their lives, we hired over 30 villagers as security guards for our project”.