Wednesday April 24, 2024

Precariously balanced

February 09, 2023

According to reports, the Lahore High Court has declared Nepra’s fuel adjustment charges to be unlawful and has told the government to provide domestic consumers with a subsidy of up to 500 units per month. This decision could have gone a long way towards easing the people’s energy woes. However, with the country inching closer towards re-entering the IMF programme, the PM has announced an increase in electricity rates, one of the international lender’s key demands.

I suppose we should be glad that our power bills will not rise as sharply as they would have without the LHC’s decision. Our government is walking an economic tightrope; on the one hand we risk falling into an inflation-driven recession while on the other there is insolvency. It will take a lot of skill and wisdom to make it safely to the other side.

Khalida Khalid