Tuesday April 23, 2024

Circle of death

February 01, 2023

Within the space of a week, almost two hundred people have died in tragic incidents of different nature, including a bus accident in Lasbela, a boat carrying seminary pupils capsizing in Kohat and the suicide attack on a mosque in Peshawar’s red zone. Whether travelling on a bus, enjoying themselves on a boat or simply offering prayers, the people of this country are never safe from some deadly occurrence, accidental or deliberate. Everywhere we see that lapses in safety protocols and security measures have left a bloody trail.

At the end of the day, fingers are pointed in every direction, the dead are buried, the loopholes ignored and the people brace themselves for the next tragedy. I believe I speak for the nation when proclaiming that I am tired of being caught-up in this tragic, never-ending circle of events.

Ammar Chishty