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PTI delegation asks provincial election commissioner to issue results as per Form 11

By Our Correspondent
January 21, 2023

Leaders of the Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) took up their grievances related to the local government polls with the provincial election commissioner as they met the latter at his office on Friday.

They raised concerns over what they said rigging that had taken place in the polls. They also demanded that the commission immediately release the withheld results of some union committees (UCs).

After the meeting, Karachi PTI President Bilal Ghaffar spoke to the media and said the PTI delegation had informed the provincial election commissioner that PTI candidates had won several UCs but the party awaited official results.

Ghaffar explained that the PTI wanted the results to be issued as per the Form 11. He added that the results of such UCs should be withheld where the margin of votes between the winners and runners-up was very nominal. He identified there were around 40 such UCs where the PTI was a runner-up with a thin margin.

He said that after the initial results, the PTI had won four UCs after recounting. He added that to reclaim other similar UCs, the party would approach every forum.

Ghaffar claimed that the PTI had won 11 UCs in Keamari but the results of those UCs had not been issued. He criticised the election commission for failing to conduct transparent polls.

“Bilawal has stolen our elections. In this robbery, Saeed Ghani assisted his boss Bilawal,” the PTI leader said. He accused the Pakistan Peoples Party (PPP) of robbing the province and spending the stolen money in the Sindh House.

He said results of the local government elections were manipulated by the PPP and Jamaat-e-Islami. “We will expose them on every forum. If our requests are not heard, there will be protests in the city.”

Former MNA Alamgir Khan said that every institution had been exposed in the local government elections. The PTI was actually contesting the polls against the Sindh police and the Election Commission of Pakistan, he remarked.

“The Jamaat-e-Islami says it will not let recounting happen but re-counting is our right. We were not heard and when the institutions don't listen to the grievances, people take the law into their hands,” said Khan.

“Winning of elections in Karachi by the PPP is nothing but a clumsy joke and fraud,” he remarked.

Sindh PTI Spokesperson Arsalan Taj said there were no truths in reports that the PTI had contacted the PPP. “The PTI will never contact the PPP leadership. We believe that whoever joins the PPP is equally responsible for the destruction of the city and the province.”