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Subsidised flour prices increased

By Khalid Iqbal
January 06, 2023

Rawalpindi : Punjab government has increased subsidised prices of wheat from Rs2,300 to Rs3,000. With the new rates of subsidised wheat, the price of a 10-kilogram subsidised flour (Atta) packed in ‘Green Bag’ is up from Rs650 to Rs840.

The Punjab government has sent this notification to revise prices to all food departments in the province including Rawalpindi on Thursday. The District Food Department (DFD) spokesman Muhammad Ali told ‘The News’ that Punjab government has increased subsidised wheat prices from Rs2,300 to Rs3,000, so the new price of subsidised ‘atta’ bag will be Rs830 to Rs840.

He said, “The new prices will be implemented in a couple of days. Flourmill owners are buying expensive wheat privately at Rs5,000 per 40-kilogram, therefore they are selling ‘atta’ bags in exorbitant rates.” “We are continuously taking action against flourmills they were getting subsidised wheat but not supply ‘Green Bags’ of atta to public. People belonged to different walks of life have strongly condemned federal and provincial governments, as they were completely failed to resolve all public related issues.

Meanwhile, the District Food Department has taken action against 177 flour mills they were taking full advantage of present flour crisis and looting public both hands through late supply of 'subsidised 'atta bags', supply of low quality 'atta', hoarding and smuggling, less supply and faked record of subsidised wheat. The concerned department has imposed fine of Rs15,0­26,886 and stopped quota of subsidised 'atta' of 100 days to 177 flour mills.

The flour crisis has gripped the whole country with the government locking up the wheat in its coffers as well as its expensive rates amid shortage in the open market. The District Food Department has saved 1887.550 metric ton wheat through stoppage of subsidised flour quota of 100 flourmills.

The management has increased sale points from 67 to 86 here in Rawalpindi where 'green bags' of atta was selling on controlled prices. The subsidized 'atta' was selling through trucks.

The Deputy Commissioner (DC), Islamabad has also banned selling of subsidised 'atta' bags through dealers and retail shopkeepers. The DC has established 47 sale points in Islamabad and directed to sell subsidised flour bags through trucks. The District Food Controller (DFC) Sufyan Asif Awan told 'The News' that we have taken action against 177 flour mills on different charges. We have increased sale points from 67 to 86 where subsidised 'atta' bags of 10-kilogram was available at Rs650.

Despite the increase in subsidised flour prices up to Rs1,300 in Punjab including in Rawalpindi and Islamabad its availability is not stable. The Punjab Food Department has so far procured 4.1 million tonnes of wheat. It has also launched a crackdown on hoarders to meet the target of five million tones. The poor belonged to all walks of life have appealed government to increase sale points because retail shopkeepers were selling 'atta' bags on skyrocketing price.