Saturday February 04, 2023

Swabi lawyers boycott courts

December 09, 2022

SWABI: Lawyers of the district boycotted the court proceedings on Thursday as a protest against the robbery at the house of Swabi District Bar Association general secretary.

The robbery took place Wednesday night at the home of Safdar Zeb advocate at Parmuli village in Razaar tehsil.

The robbers forced their way into the house soon after midnight. As they were in police uniforms, the family of the lawyer thought they were police personnel and let them search the house but soon they realised that they were robbers.

The robbers while impersonating policemen pretended that some criminal had escaped from them and they wanted to search for them. They took away valuables worth Rs5 million, including 24 tolas ornaments, Rs1.5 million cash, one Kalashnikov, one Kalakov, four rifles, three pistols and mobile phones.