Sunday February 25, 2024

Natural and political

December 09, 2022

Karachi has been deprived of its due share of water for many years now. Whether you live in an impoverished area or one of the elite housing societies, all of Karachi’s residents have to deal with water supply problems to varying extents. This can take the form of water being available only on certain days of the week or having to pay water tankers an arm and a leg so you can take a shower.

Although natural factors have played a role in this shortage, such as the depletion of the water tables the city relies on, the role of politics cannot be ignored. Karachi is a political stepchild, ruled by a party with no stake in the city and the persistent undercounting of its population leaves it bereft of the resources it needs to function properly. According to some news reports, Karachi only gets half the water supply it actually needs. This is absolutely unacceptable. Karachi is the financial engine of Pakistan, by neglecting its needs we are only damaging Pakistan as a whole.

Saud Ahmed