Thursday February 29, 2024

Fixing Pakistan

December 04, 2022

When we look at the problems Pakistan faces in an objective manner, we will find that there are three major problems that are at the root of most of our troubles. First, there is the infamous issue of corruption. Hard-earned taxpayer money is siphoned away from its intended purposes. Solving this issue will require the people to hold politicians accountable for corruption at the ballot box. We cannot keep voting in the same lot and expecting things to change. Furthermore, we need to encourage our leaders to strengthen the anti-corruption laws and the independence of the institutions tasked with going after the corrupt. Second, there is the problem of education. No one needs reminding of the woeful state of public education in Pakistan. The public must elect leaders who prioritize funding for education. If a politician is willing to send their child to a public school they will have skin in the game, incentivizing them to make education a priority.

Finally, there is the problem of partisan politics and the instability it creates. When it comes to this issue, the public shares much of the blame with the politicians. They are too easily swayed by the propaganda of their favourite party and are not keen to see them make compromises with the other side. We must realize that this prevents the country from being governed in a sensible manner. If we want better governance, we must encourage the parties we support to collaborate and make the deals that can get us there.

Saman Amjad