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Virgin Atlantic, Bestway Group to deliver medicines to flood victims

November 26, 2022

LONDON: Over 20 tonnes of vital medicines, have left the UK heading for Pakistan where it will be distributed to victims of the recent flooding disaster and resulting humanitarian disaster.

The medicines, donated by Bestway Group are being flown to Islamabad by Virgin Atlantic Cargo who is transporting the medication. The medicines landed on the ground on 24th November 2022, to help the 3.2 million people who have lost their homes & livelihoods and been displaced by the flooding which left more than a third of the country under water, and damaged more than 4 million acres of crops. Ongoing heavy rains are continuing to complicate rescue and recovery efforts and disease has been widespread as the humanitarian disaster increases.

Bestway Group is one of the largest privately owned businesses in the UK and the leading overseas investor in Pakistan. Haider Choudrey, Chief Financial Officer of Bestway Group, said:

“Our teams are on the ground in Pakistan and are seeing first-hand how desperately these medicines are needed to help combat disease that has taken hold where fresh water supplies have been destroyed and families have lost their homes along with everything they own. We would like to thank the team at Virgin Atlantic Cargo who has helped us make this happen and are transporting what is a sizeable cargo of medicines out to where it is needed the most.”