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PMLN never used institutions for political motives

November 25, 2022

LAHORE:Punjab Governor Muhammad Baligh-ur-Rehman on Thursday said that PMLN had never used institutions for political motives and it believed in taking all measures meant for the interest of the country.

Talking to a group of reporters at the Governor’s House, Baligh-ur-Rehman stated that PMLN had a very clear stance regarding the working of institutions and it, by no means, was waiting for the new Army Chief to counter Imran Khan, as perceived by some sections after the statement of a senior PMLN leader. He said PMLN believed in countering the political rivals in political arena.

To another question, he said Governor’s Rule is an extreme step but its imposition in crucial circumstances is not prohibited. He went on to say it was highly unfortunate when a place like Governor’s House came under attack and only two policemen were present for its security at that time. Similarly, he said at a sensitive place like motorway in Punjab area, protesters parked two vehicles to block the passage and no security personnel stopped them due to which a number of travellers suffered. Similarly, he said a former federal minister was also seen during protest when he refused to help a patient in emergency while holding the view that what protest was also necessary. All these things were very regretful and in case situation lead to a point where Governor’s Rule could be imposed, there is no legal restriction.

However, he said he believed “sanity should prevail”. To another question, he said it seemed the Punjab government had been under some apprehension due to which it was regularly holding the Punjab Assembly session which was not only causing a burden on national exchequer but also causing a distance between MPAs and their constituencies. He said due to the frequent sittings of assembly, MPAs were unable to spend time in their constituencies.

To a question about the legislation process in Punjab, Baligh-ur-Rehman stated that he had seen serious loopholes in the legislations related to private universities. Therefore, he said, he had not signed any bill related to the private universities and stated there seemed 'transparency' issues as well in this matter.

Moreover, he also expressed dismay over the way MPAs voice was being snubbed in the Punjab Assembly over the issue of quorum. He added that whenever any member points out quorum, assembly proceedings stop but this important issue was not given any importance in Punjab Assembly.

To a query related to the rumours of Pakistan facing default, he said it was not true. He further said that since Ishaq Dar took over as the Finance Minister, situation improved from a very crucial state.